A World of Our Making


Coming in 2019

On October 23, 2030, a meteor bursts high over Los Angeles. For 17-year-old Kyle Harrison, the panic-triggering event coincides with two major events in his life: The first is a recurring dream about his astrophysicist-father Dr. Gavin Harrison, who disappeared ten years earlier in a mysterious lab explosion. In the dream, Gavin reveals to Kyle a location, high on a Tahoe peak above their family cabin, where he’s hidden a box. The top of the box bears the message: “Find Bollinger.” Second, Kyle suspects he’s being watched.

So begins a dangerous journey for Kyle and his two best friends, Abi Mendes and Conner Sykes, as they traverse the back roads of a collapsing California to see if there’s any truth to Kyle’s dreams. Close on their heels is the sinister federal agent Franklin Dix, assigned to capture the kids and bring them in along with the contents of the mysterious box.

The deeper they travel, the weirder the truth becomes as they encounter bands of feral, psychopathic humans, victims of a parasitic spore embedded inside the meteor and discover that Kyle’s father,  together with his ex-colleague Bollinger, could be the guardians of a universe-shattering discovery–a discovery that opens the door to a parallel universe and, at the same time, portends the end of the Earth itself. The deeper they go, the more Kyle, Abi, and Conner have to rely on each other–for guidance, support, to stay alive . . . and, possibly, to save the world.

“A World of Our Making” is my foray into the kind of sci-fi and horror I love–the kind with intimate, everyday characters on a grand, all-important quest that pushes beyond the edge of the possible while staying grounded in a world we recognize, albeit one darkened by civilization’s worst impulses (war, exploitation, and environmental destruction). The telling of this story has been satisfying and great fun–and I hope to share it with readers before the end of the year.

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