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PW_logoPublishers Weekly (reviewing the Amazon Breakthrough Novel manuscript): “[The Leaving of Things] story gives the reader an opportunity to experience India. India comes alive, even for the uninitiated. The daily life, smells, culture of food, and personal relationships flourish while the reader follows a coming of age story. Vikram, a recent graduate from an American high school, returns to his Indian homeland after an eleven-year absence. He feels out of place and angry. It was not his choice to leave America. He wants to stay with his friends and his girlfriend, go to college, and be an American. His anger with his father’s decision to return is understandable. As Vikram adjusts to a new lifestyle, he tries to accept the direction his life has taken, and it is in that acceptance that he grows into a man. The richness of this story is in the details of Indian life, the nuances of the culture, the reality of how much easier life is in America. As Vikram adapts, he starts to understand the bonds that families create, the love that parents have for their children—and it is with these new perspectives that he finds his life’s path. This novel tells a well-worn story of growing up, rendered beautifully, in a seductive setting.”


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