New Book Transcendent Teasers and Info Coming Soon!

My latest novel, the sci-fi adventure Edge of Light, is out now on ebook and paperback. While you’re checking that out, I will be putting my new book, an interstellar survival novella called Transcendent through its editing, proofing, design, and layout paces. I will be sure to post teasers, videos, maybe even audio clips of the novella in these weeks and months before release, and I’m looking forward to sharing all that good stuff with you.

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Welcome to the online home of Jay Antani, an author of books (The Leaving of Things, Edge of Light, the upcoming Transcendent, due out in spring 2023), scribbler of thoughts, and a dabbler and student of all kinds of cool stuff from the worlds of literature, movies, astrophysics, history, dinosaurs, music, drawing, and whatever else suits my fancy on any given day.

I’m also an editor, skilled in story craft and in polishing both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts of all genres. As both a writer and an editor, I have experience in the YA, Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror novel genres as well as with academic essays, short stories, plays, poetry, and memoirs. If you’re a writer in search of an editor, I would love to hear from you. You can find more information on my Editorial Services page.

My most recent novel, Edge of Light, is my version of the perfect sci-fi adventure, flavored with horror, conspiracy, action, and the loyalties found only in the closest of friendships. The book was published in November 2020 and has garnered praised from readers and critics alike. To read more about the book, check out the Edge of Light page.

I didn’t begin as a novelist with the sci-fi genre but in the world of multicultural YA. The Leaving of Things, my first novel (Lake Union, 2014) is a book about culture-shock and growing up as its young protagonist, transplanted from the U.S. to India in the late 1980s, learns to come to terms with his Indian roots and his American dreams as he takes charge of his own destiny.

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Jay Antani

Los Angeles, California