If you’d like to learn more about my books, this is the place. If you’d like to learn about my editing services, this is the place. I specialize in editing memoirs, literary fiction, horror, science fiction, thrillers, contemporary fiction, and YA.

As an author and a professional writer/editor, I’m passionate about words and sentences and well-told stories. For me, it’s at the level of words and sentences and paragraphs that the magic happens; the right word, the right tone, knowing where to expand and where to trim can make all the difference between a merely functional piece of writing and a great story you can take pride in. I would love to help you take your book to that level.

“Jay is an asset to any author and has been a huge help to my clients.”
– Kim O’Hara, Intuitive Book Coach, A Story Inside

I offer developmental editing, line editing, and copy editing services. Which one is right for you depends on which stage of the manuscript process you’re in. Check out my Editorial Services page for more details.