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“Edge of Light” Has Launched!

My latest novel, Edge of Light, is out now on Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon and on e-reader formats for B&N, Kobo, and Apple. Early word has been very encouraging, and I’m so pleased to know that readers are enjoying the adventure! For latest Edge of Light promos and news, sign up for my newsletter. Thanks to all who’ve already signed up! Happy to have you along. End transmission.

Welcome to the online home of Jay Antani. I’m an author of books (The Leaving of Things and the soon-to-be-released Edge of Light), scribbler of thoughts, and a dabbler and student of all kinds of cool stuff from the worlds of literature, movies, astrophysics, history, dinosaurs, music, drawing, and whatever else suits my fancy on any given day.

Edge of Light is my version of the perfect sci-fi adventure, flavored with horror, conspiracy, action, and the loyalties found only in the closest of friendships. To read more about the book, check out the Edge of Light page.

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I’m also a copywriter and editor, having worked on marketing campaigns of national brands as well as memoirs and manuscripts by first-time authors. For press, general and editorial inquiries, check out my Contact page.

Jay Antani

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