I’m a Los Angeles-based writer and editor. The Leaving of Things is my first novel. It started out as my Master’s thesis in the graduate writing program atJay Antani - Los Angeles USC. Uncountable revisions since, here we are. The book follows a roughly two-year journey I took with my family after high school back to India. It was a profound experience of culture shock, discovering my family roots, and negotiating the Indian and American halves of my identity. That conflict is what powers the novel. Since 2002, I’ve also written film reviews for numerous online and print outlets, including Boxoffice Magazine, Slant Magazine, Filmcritic.com and Paste Magazine. And, in 2008, I completed my first graphic novel, The Mysteriansa sci-fi fantasy about teenagers saving the Earth from an alien invasion–published by TokyoPop. Going forward, I’m driven to writing more stories inspired by my personal experiences in India, the Midwest, Los Angeles as well as my longstanding love of adventures and thrillers (particularly of the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and noir-inflected varieties). I hope you’ll share in them with me! Contact me at jayantani@gmail.com, and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you!


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