I’m a lifelong lover of stories, both the personal and the fantastic. I came to writing by way of film studies, commercial illustration, and film journalism. After receiving my MFA from USC, I went on to publish The Leaving of Things (Lake Union, 2014), an award-winning coming-of-age saga about finding one’s voice in a world of clashing and competing cultures.

Edge of Light is a total departure, a YA sci-fi adventure set against the backdrop of war, environmental collapse, and a possible alien pandemic. As a fan of alien invasion stories, adventurous journeys, and conspiratorial thrillers, Edge of Light packs in everything I love about the sci-fi genre while continuing my exploration of such themes as friendship, loyalty, and courage amidst the call of destiny.

Contact me at info@jayantani.com, and let’s connect on the social platforms below.


Jay Antani

Los Angeles, California