Jay Antani - Los Angeles

I’m an editorial veteran with more than sixteen years of experience as a journalist, professional writer, editor, and fiction writer.

I specialize in editing memoirs, literary fiction, horror, science fiction, thrillers, contemporary fiction, and YA. As an author and a professional writer/editor, I’m passionate about words and sentences and well-told stories. For me, it’s at the level of words and sentences and paragraphs that the magic happens; the right word, the right tone, knowing where to expand and where to trim can make all the difference between a merely functional piece of writing and a great story you can take pride in. I would love to help you take your book to that level.

I’m also an author myself. My first novel, a coming-of-age saga called The Leaving of Things (Lake Union, 2014), won the International Book Award and the Kindle Book Award and became an Amazon bestseller. My follow-up, A World of Our Making, is undergoing revisions and will be in front of readers in 2019.

“As a first time author, I was extremely nervous about writing my first book. Jay’s work definitely made my book that much better. I felt so happy and grateful that he was my editor.” — Jeremy Cortez, Entrepreneur



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